Welcome to my blog. Here you can find my opinions on life, my rants, my observations, and some of the best advice I have ever received or discovered.

I’m nothing special. Just your small town girl, but anything but typical. I am passionate about life and love to share how I feel with you. Feel free to post your comments on anything regarding your opinion or your agreement. On this site you’ll find three sections.

  1. Thoughts on Life: These are gonna be the long and deep thoughts posts. My thoughts on the world and on people that may not have what you want to hear or may be exactly what you need to hear.
  2. Nuggets of Wisdom: Here is some of the best advice or simply some of the most inspirational things that help me get through my days. I hope it helps you too.
  3. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?: This is my page to rant about things that irritate me. They aren’t always reasonable, but my best friend Gabby and I generally send each other text messages throughout the day about this. They aren’t angry. Most of the time just ridiculous.
And that’s it. Explore and Enjoy…
  1. Hey Juni!!!!! I read your last blog.WOW!!!!

  2. In a world of millions of blogs, Juni captures your heart with words and your mind with her wit! Very talented and addictive to say the least.

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