You’re money will be returned in 16,547 days…

You know what really grinds my gears? The incompetence of my bank lately.

I got my credit card number hijacked a month ago. Contrary to popular belief, identity thieves don’t just aim for rich people. They go after poor-as-dirt college students as well.

Anyways, I noticed the charges to my account on July 2nd. And I am STILL dealing with the unnecessary problems of my bank. I JUST got all of the charges reversed on my account. 4 of them were reversed at the very beginning and then 3 weeks later, the other ones were. Not only is my flawless credit score taking a hit (which I worked very hard for), I have to go through mazes of phone transfers and people and companies and branches of my bank to try and get back the money they TOOK from my savings account (and overdrew it) to pay off the charges that aren’t mine. Also, my credit card STILL does not work and all of the papers were being mailed to my wrong address even though I have given them the address to forward said mail to.

Dear Bank. Please get your stuff together. People’s money is not something to be so la-ti-dah about. I need the remaining 365 dollars you took for the 2nd time and the other fees that you charged me that are not my fault.


About Juni Nelson

I have God's signature structure. I'm love life when I can, and struggle with it when I can't. I have flaws, but they're beautiful. I love to write, dream, laugh, meet new people, chocolate, school, learning, traveling, movies, comedy shows, and God. I will make mistakes, more than once, but will be forgiven every time.

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