The Cross is Offensive?

So I discovered a article regarding the 9/11 Memorial. It is almost finished and what an awesome thing for the country (and the world to see). My best friend Gabby and I had the opportunity to see the construction site of the memorial and see the museum dedicated to the day that shook our country and the world.

The memorial is to be opened on the 10 year anniversary of the attack. This year. And the article really took me back…


The article talks about atheist groups wanting to get rid of a cross placed on the site. The cross isn’t just a built cross, but a cross formed naturally from the beams and flames of the World Trade Center.

The group wants it to be taken down due to ‘equality’ purposes. But wait… isn’t taking the cross down disrupting OUR (Meaning Christians) right to equality. Us taking that cross down demonstrates that your beliefs take precedence over ours. That is not equality.

Now… To make one thing clear. I am by no means saying that MY religion is more important than any other and I understand where the Atheists are coming from. However, I would like to say that our country is a Christian Based country and I don’t think the Atheists are being quite understanding enough.

The symbol the represents Christianity represents the power of prayer and has comforted millions of people where no hope seemed to be found.

I do not think that this cross was put here to represent all victims of 9/11. I rather think that it was placed there for comfort to those who are Christians and the victims who were Christians.

The whole religion topic has become overly-sensitive. What is so wrong about giving hope and comfort to millions of people?

The cross is a universal symbol. Yes. It does represent Christianity. However, in this particular circumstance, I think it rather represents hope, comfort, and love for those lost.

God Bless those victims. I hope our country can truly become tolerant of all religions and cultures.



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