My baby is cool…

You know what really grinds my gears?… Unnecessarily spelled names. Like… Jazmynne. WHY do you have to add so many unnecessary letters to a name. I understand the point of wanting to keep it interesting and new. But really? Jaemz? THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOUR BABY CUTE OR POPULAR.  I’m sorry… I feel like its sort of a teenage thing to do. Just know this… When I have a child, I will not be naming my baby with ridiculous lettering. The end.

About Juni Nelson

I have God's signature structure. I'm love life when I can, and struggle with it when I can't. I have flaws, but they're beautiful. I love to write, dream, laugh, meet new people, chocolate, school, learning, traveling, movies, comedy shows, and God. I will make mistakes, more than once, but will be forgiven every time.

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