Break the Pattern of Infidelity

Since I am such a wonderful news intern at the radio station, I was browsing CNN for some interesting Headlines and News when I came across an interesting title: “Lets Hear about fidelity for a change.” 

Can I please get an “AMEN!” to that?

Needless to say I had to read it.

In the article, Laura Sessions Stepp talks about the issue (which really shouldn’t be an issue) of monogamy. Monogamy is pretty much faithfulness to your partner. Her article was in response to another CNN blogger who condoned polygamy with the reasons of “sexual and emotional boredom.”


As was so taken-aback by this. What is society coming to? Polygamy is NOT okay!!!! Last I checked, being in a relationship means to be faithful to that person. Polygamy (whether it is consented or not) is an insult. Are you SO bored with a person (emotional or sexual) that you need to find someone else? WOW.

In the article, it talks about how people are getting married later and later about 27 years old and most young couples have reported that they have been “unfaithful” to their partners at one time or the other just so they ‘could tell if they were with the right person.’

1. Your relationship should not be dependent on sex.

2. You should be with a person because it feels right and you KNOW.

3. The solution is NOT to go and sleep with someone else to solve the problem.

I really would like to acknowledge Stepp for her article (which there is a link below) to give people hope that someone out there is tired of seeing failing relationships on TV, movies, and within celebrities. Negative relationship news draws in media and gossip columns like bees to honey. But here is the thing…

We are letting them.

Most people can’t wait to see a failing of marriage or see the latest pre-nup come into the public eye. Why? Because, I think that deep down inside, we all want to see that OUR relationship is better than other peoples. It shouldn’t be that way. But we are human and want to feel good about ourselves.

God wants our relationship to be so special. There is a reason that sex is meant for marriage. Its sharing a piece of yourself with someone else. ONLY ONE PERSON. How beautiful and special is that? If you put other people (cheating, polygamy, partners, whatever) into your relationship, its not so special anymore… You are just another person in their lives instead of that ‘one true love’ that, I swear, every girl wants (Disney Style).

Lets stand up with Stepp. I want to see more fidelity. A happy couple is more exciting than a failing couple. A couple that really proves the plan that God has for a couple: happiness and love for life. WITH ONE PERSON.

Below is the link for her article.

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